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QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique 

QHHT is a method of regression that was pioneered and practiced by Dolores Cannon for over 45 years.  During this journey of discovery, the Practioner will gently guide you into a peaceful trance state so that we may access that part of the brain that holds our memories and has all the answers to our questions.  We may journey to a past memory from this life, or a memory from a past life.  We are always lead to the appropriate place to access the memories that are needed for healing in the current life.

The trance state is a natural state of being that we normally access twice a day.  Once before going to sleep and again upon awakening.  It is into this deepest state, called Theta or somnambulistic, that we find the answers to all your questions, and spontaneous healing if it is for your highest good.  This higher part of ourselves is often referred to as the Higher Self, Over Soul or as Dolores has named it, the Sub Conscious.

Some people make appointments for a QHHT Session to heal physical ailments, release emotional trauma, seek guidance for relationship problems or to find direction to fulfill their life purpose.  Why do certain recurrent themes keep coming up in your life?  What is preventing you from moving towards your dream?  Why are you stuck in poverty consciousness?  Some people might want a stronger connection to spirit.  There are any number of reasons to book a session.  What I like about QHHT, is that the answers come from the client’s own Sub Conscious!  I am merely the facilitator to help guide you toward your healing and to ask the questions you most want answered! 

One thing I have discovered is that your Sub Conscious will always take you where you need to go for the healing you need.  All we need to do is TRUST!  This is the most amazingly powerful modality I have studied and worked with. 

What questions/healing do you most want answered in your life?

In order to reach full Practitioner status and Level Two, I am looking for more good folks who would like to work with me. Still offering 0 to $$ Love Offering special.
To check out my status as a Practitioner, check out
 💖💖💖  After I reach full Practitioner status, I will be charging $150.00 per session.  Session length varies, but will be between 3-5 hours as this work is very extensive!

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